01. You should look at all your different [options] before you make a decision.
02. You must take a least one elective course, but the type of course you choose is entirely [optional].
03. The final section in the homework is [optional]; I will mark it, but it doesn't count for anything.
04. Our association believes that people should be given the [option] to choose the kind of medical care that they want.
05. Doing only the homework you want is not an [option]; either you complete all the assignments in the required time or you fail.
06. If you can simply learn to think well, you will have plenty of career and education [options] to choose from.
07. Studies show that the early detection of cancer increases survival and treatment [options].
08. Air conditioning and power windows are [optional] for this car.
09. After the lease expires on your car, you have the [option] of buying it if you want.
10. When McDonald's added bacon as an [option] for its new hamburger, the estimated first-year use of bacon for the sandwich was 18 million pounds.
11. Kathleen Casey once suggested that pain is inevitable, but suffering is [optional].
12. Karen Clark once observed, "Life is change. Growth is [optional]. Choose wisely."
13. William Fulbright once remarked that we must learn to explore all the [options] and possibilities that confront us in a complex and rapidly changing world.
14. Max Lucado once observed that conflict is inevitable, but combat is [optional].
15. Robert Half once remarked that it's easy to make good decisions when there are no bad [options].
16. There is a Yiddish proverb which observes that not making a choice is an [option].
17. Judy became pregnant by accident, and had to consider her [options] to either keep the baby or have an abortion.
18. Visitors to South Africa have a number of [options] ranging from magnificent beaches to some of the world's most famous game parks and nature reserves.
19. For the poor of Paraguay, recreational activities are not an [option]; they must work all the time in order to survive.
20. In 1985, General Motors announced that, as an [option], it was installing electronic road maps on some of its high-priced cars.
21. You have a number of payment [options], including credit cards, Interac, personal checks or cash in all major currencies.
22. At the end of the term, I will have two [options]; travelling around Australia or going back to France.
23. I had no [option] but to break up with him because he cheated on me.
24. We have two [options], but we haven't decided yet.
25. I have three [options] to go to Nashville; by car, by bus or by plane.
26. In my life, I have so many [options] compared to my mom when she was my age.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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